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Anna looked at herself in the mirror in the room, she looked so beautiful in the pale-blue dress Hatori bought her, he was being really sweet to her, it was hard to believe that it had only been three days since he found her…


"What are you doing way out here?"

Anna looked up into the face of a man with black hair and soft green eyes though his bangs covered his left eye. Anna turned away from the stranger with a pout, as she turned away her head throbbed in pain. "I hardly think it's any of your business sir, why would you care about me when it's obvious no one else does?" she snapped but instantly regretted her words as she realized he was only concerned for her well-being, she dissolved into silent tears praying that the man would leave her alone to suffer. The man however did not, he walked over to her and took a seat beside her, Anna was about to yell at the mysterious man for invading her space when he begin lightly prodding at her head. "Wha-what are you doing?" Anna's voice shook has she looked down to avoid the man seeing her blush at their closeness, "It would seem you've injured your head" the man said as he located the wound right above her hair-line, he then took off his coat and tore a small piece off, he began to clean the blood off of the wound and used another piece to bind it. "It'll get infected if you don't do something about it." he said and he tied the strip over the wound, he got up, about to leave when…

Hatori stopped, he turned his head to look at the girl, her blue hair contrasted greatly with the brown coat-bandage he'd made, and her eyes were like rubies set into an alabaster face, he shook his head to clear it, no he shouldn't go falling in love with her, not after what happened with Kana…his eyes misted and he dropped to his knees sobbing. Anna watched him, her heart began to bleed for this man before her and her proud, stubborn attitude melted like ice on a summer day, she got up and walked over to where he knelt and crouched beside him. Not sure how he'd react but deciding to do it anyway she took him into her arms in a warm embrace "Shhh, it's okay don't cry." she whispered as she smoothed his hair out of his eyes, resting her chin on his head she held him close "A man like you shouldn't cry, what's bothering you?" she asked. Hatori looked away tears threatening to fall again, "You wouldn't care about my life-story, no one does." he answered choking on his words, Anna sighed as she took his face in her hands and made him look at her, "what if I say I care enough to trade life-stories with you? Would you tell me then?" Hatori looked into her ruby eyes and slowly nodded.


"I see, so that's why you feel so much pain, it's because of what happened so long ago." Anna and Hatori sat under a Sakura tree and Hatori had just finished telling her about his brief romance with Kana and how he was forced to make her loose her memories because Akito (the head of the Sohma household) had blamed her for making him injure Hatori's left eyes which he was almost blind in. "The grief was too consuming, I had no choice." Hatori mumbled as he gripped the grass tightly in his fist "I couldn't let her go on living that way, she needed to find happiness, I couldn't give her that, I'm a cursed monster." he gasped slightly as he felt increased weight on his chest, he opened his eyes (having closed them while telling his tale) to find Anna hugging him, she was clinging to him with her head resting against his chest, near his heart. "If you are a cursed monster like you say you are, then why do I hear your heart?" she joked softly as she continued to listen to his strong heartbeat. "Monsters aren't suppose to have a heart, and yet I hear yours beating right now." Hatori gasped, this girl seemed to melt away the pain of loss that he felt over what had happened in the past… "Wait, THE PAST?!" The Zodiac curse! She was hugging him! He'd become a seahorse soon. He steeled himself preparing for it…


It never happened, he didn't transform, Akito said that when a member of the Sohma family that was cursed found their true soul-mate, their curse was ended, and Anna was hugging him, and he wasn't a seahorse so that meant…HE WAS FREE OF THE CURSE! He's joy was abruptly ended when Anna fell asleep in his arms, smiling at the young girl, he picked her up and carried her to the Main House still marveling at the fact that he was free from the curse.


"What the heck do you mean you're free of the curse?!"
Yes, those were the exact words Kyo shouted when Hatori and Anna explained that they'd fallen in love and Anna had freed Hatori from the curse, Anna rubbed her throbbing head, "God, you are so bloody annoying Kyo, can't you just shut up and except the facts?" She said, Hatori rubbed her temples gently in the form of a massage. "Settle down Kyo, jealousy is very unbecoming." he added as he glared at the Cat, "Well it's not my fault she's a stupid airhead to fall in love with a baby seahorse!" shouted Kyo, that did it.


Anna bawled up her fist and struck Kyo right in the face, "Don't you ever call Hatori 'stupid' you dumb cat." she growled as she returned to her seat and sat down with a heavy sigh.


Anna smiled at the thought of Kyo's bloody nose after he 'got what he deserved' as Yuki had put it after he stopped laughing along with Shigure, when a knock came at the door. "C'min." she called and the door opened to reveal Hatori dressed in a white button-down shirt and black slacks, a black dress-coat was hanging over his left arm. "Are you ready to go?" he asked after planting a kiss on her lips "Yes I am" Anna answered "Although, I'll take one more kiss before we leave. Just to be safe." she added as an afterthought with a giggle. Hatori laughed and planted a long sweet kiss on his girlfriend's lips and they left the house for their date.
This is a fafic I wrote for my dear friend Mugiwara-ChanX-chan!

I hope it's okay dear. ^_^

I don't own any Fruits Basket people but I do own Anna as well as some of the plot Mugiwara-ChanX owns it too. ^_^
Mugiwara-ChanX Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
:D YAY! this is awesome!
Silver-Fox-Princess Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010
Oh good, :phew: I tried following our agreement to a "T" so I'm glad its good.
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